Additional Bank ServicesLooking for a way to keep large deposits safe? Ask us about CDARS®. It’s a great solution for: businesses * nonprofit organizations * public funds * IRAs

With CDARS, you can access FDIC protection on multi-million dollar CD investments through Central Bank Illinois. There are few guarantees in life – FDIC insurance is one of them. CDARS can be a valuable cash management or longer-term investment tool for you. 1


It’s one-stop shopping. With help from CDARS, you can access:

  • Safety – Your money can access multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage.
  • Convenience – You work directly with us. You earn one interest rate and receive one regular statement, and one year-end tax form.
  • Community Investment – The full value of your money can support lending opportunities in your local community. 2
  • CD-Level Rates – Your money earns CD-level returns which may compare favorably with other investment alternatives, including Treasuries, corporate sweep accounts, and money market funds.
How does CDARS work?

We are a member of a special network. When you place a large amount with us, we place your funds into CDs issued by other banks in the same network – in increments of less than the standard FDIC insurance maximum – so that both principal and interest are eligible for complete FDIC protection. As a result, you can receive coverage from many banks while working with just one.

These exchanges, which occur on a dollar-for-dollar basis, can bring the full amount of your original deposit back to our bank. As a result, we can make the full amount of your deposit available for community lending purposes. 2

What else should I know?

Now, you no longer have to spend time managing multiple bank relationships, administering various interest rates, organizing interest disbursements from various sources, or manually consolidating monthly statements. This reduces your administrative burden, especially during tax and financial reporting seasons.

And with CDARS, you can eliminate the need to monitor changing collateral values – another time saving convenience.

Of course, your confidential account information remains protected.

Ask us about how CDARS can work for you the next time you visit one of our branches, or contact us for more information.

  1. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into the CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with Central Bank Illinois. The agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by us.
  2. This benefit applies to some, but not all types of CDARS transactions. Let us know if this benefit is important to you, so that we can explain the relevant terms and conditions in more detail.

CDARS is a registered service mark of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.

Central Remote Deposit - Brochure

Classic Club

Getting to the bank has become expensive. We've got the solution.

Business account customers can make deposits to their Central Bank account without leaving their office, all through the security of their office PC. As a business owner, Remote Deposit can save you costs and create efficiencies improving your daily operations.

Does Your Business:
  • Have multiple locations?

  • Make deposits after normal banking hours?

  • Want faster funds availability?

  • Conduct operations a distance from the bank or nearest branch?

  • Pay for transportation costs to deliver deposits to the bank?

  • Receive checks with large dollar amounts?

  • Make frequent deposits during the day?

  • Like to improve employee efficiencies?

  • Like to improve employee efficiencies?

  • Want to easily search previous deposits?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, then Central Remote Deposit may benefit your business. Ask your Personal Banker today for more details.

Business Debit Cards

Business Debit Card
A Convenient, Consolidated Solution

As a business owner you may look at your expenses at month end and wonder, "Where did it all go?" Central Bank has the solution -- a business debit card. Tracking your expenses for the office and employees just got easier when you:

  • Simplify your Money Management
    1. All cards are linked to one main account
    2. You can preset spending limits for each employee
    3. Minimize the need for personal funds for business expenses
  • Minimize the Number of Checks You Write
    1. Funds are automatically deducted from your business checking
    2. No need to show ID for each check
    3. No waiting for check approvals and petty cash is not needed
    4. Speed up transactions for mail, phone or internet orders
  • Save Money & Time
    1. Reduce the number of checks and check processing costs
    2. Directly oversee each employees' business spending

A business debit card from Central Bank can help save time and money, while empowering your employees to make business purchases. Find out more!

Telephone Banking (Interactive Voice Response)

Your 24 hour link to account information

Access Number
Location Phone Number
All Locations 1-888-241-4867
24 Access Account Information
First Time Users:

Please call the toll-free number to receive initial registration instructions. If you need assistance, please call 309-944-5601 during regular business hours for help.


Telephone Banking (Interactive Voice Response or IVR) gives you the capabilities of banking any time of day and from any location. Providing you with telephone access to your account information, while allowing you to perform transactions or inquiries from work, home or on the road.

An easy to use menu system will walk you through every step of your phone call. Don't worry about making a mistake. Just listen carefully and press the numbers when instructed.

A carefully designed security system allows only YOU to access your account information. You will be able to access the same accounts as if you were across the counter from one of our personal bankers. Please remember to keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) confidential by not allowing others to use it. Each customer of the bank can access their own accounts by using their individual User ID's and PIN numbers.

  • Current deposit account balances
    • Interest Payment Information
    • Activity Summary since your last statement
  • Transaction Information
    • List of transactions
  • Account Transfers
  • Current Loan Balances
    • Interest Payment Information
    • Activity Summary since your last statement
  • Make a Loan Payment

Debit Card Services

  • Cardholder Activation
  • Select your PIN
IVR Instructions:
  1. Call the interactive voice response (IVR) number at 800-717-4923.
  2. Follow the voice prompts to enter the required information using your telephone keypad.
  3. Once you have confirmed your selected PIN, the IVR will provide a confirmation number and you will need to use your new PIN going forward.
  4. You must call from the phone number Central Bank has on file for you.
  5. Please remember to never write down or disclose your PIN to anyone, including law enforcement, your financial institution, or family.

Online/Mobile Banking

  • With our online banking service, you can view your latest account activity, pay bills, transfer funds, and more.
    Online Banking Demo
  • Start banking on your mobile device by downloading the Central Bank Mobile App from Google Play. With mobile banking, you can check your account balance any time day or night. You can view your transactions, transfer funds between accounts, and pay bills from the convenience of your mobile phone. You can even deposit checks into your checking or savings account using our convenient app!
    Access Mobile App


Classic Club

Classic Club

As a member of Central Classic Club you'll make new friends, visit new places and discover how much fun banking can be. If you are age 50 or better, and would like to receive a host of FREE banking benefits while enjoying social and travel opportunities, Classic Club is what you're looking for. Classic Club qualifications:

  • A balance of $2,500 in a checking account*, OR
  • A $2,500 Statement Savings Account, OR
  • A $2,500 Money Market Savings Account, OR
  • A $10,000 Certificate of Deposit. OR
  • A total loan relationship of $50,000+ OR
  • A $10,000 relationship with our Trust & Asset Management Division

A joint account covers both husband and wife.
If one spouse meets age 50 requirement, other
spouse automatically qualifies for membership.

Looking for a gift?

Purchase a Classic Club gift certificate in any amount used towards Classic Club trips.

***Classic Club News/Highlights***

Don't miss a thing. Look at our Calendar of Events to see what's happening this year! Click on the underlined titles for more information.

Your Classic Club membership includes these advantages:


Enjoy no monthly service fees when you maintain the required average monthly balance of $2,500. Club members receive FREE Internet Banking, FREE electronic statements, FREE Online Bill Pay, FREE Mobile Banking, FREE Telephone Banking, and unlimited check writing. Your checking account includes FREE check safekeeping.

CentralChek ATM/Debit Card

Members receive a FREE CentralChek ATM/Debit Card with no annual fee. CentralChek entitles you to 24-hour access to your deposits, and there are no transaction fees at Central Bank ATMs.

Member Checks and Official Bank Checks

Club members may receive FREE duplicate checks** personalized with the Classic Club emblem, depending upon your checking account type. Money orders and cashier checks will be issued without a fee for club members

Safe Deposit Box Rent Discount

Club members receive a discount on their annual safe deposit box rent when they sign up for automatic payment.

Special Travel Offers

Throughout the year, one day and extended trips, such as ball games, dinner theatres, scenic and historical tours, stage shows and much more will be planned at discount prices exclusively for Classic Club members.

Exclusive Member Events

Other special events, such as cards, bingo, potlucks, movie days, and informative seminars will be held for members throughout the year. Refreshments and giveaway drawings will be held at these activities.

Membership Newsletter

A quarterly Classic Club newsletter will be sent to each member informing them of upcoming club activities and events. Issues will also contain valuable information regarding bank products and services.

Direct Deposit

Let Central Bank deposit your social security or retirement checks directly into your account-it's safe, easy and it's there when you need it!

FREE Copying Services

Limit 10 copies per month.

FREE Notary Service Join The Club!

*Please refer to our Services Brochure for deposit requirements on Value Plus Checking Accounts. all checking accounts for club members are truncated, regardless if your Statement Savings, Money Market Savings, or Certificate of Deposit account, is your qualifying membership account.

**Free checks are Gray Specialty in duplicate style, and are available with a Value or Value Plus Checking account.

Look at our Calendar of Events (800k size) to see what's happening this year!

**Calendar is in PDF format. Resolution is scaled down for quicker downloading.** Adobe Reader is available as a free download if you don't already have it.

*Please refer to our Services Brochure for deposit requirements on Value Plus Checking Accounts. All checking accounts for club members offer FREE check safekeeping, regardless if your Statement Savings, Personal Insured Money Management, or Certificate of Deposit account is your qualifying membership account.

Credit Card

Credit Card
We offer consumer credit cards to fit your lifestyle*:
  • Low rate personal cards
  • Earn what you want with rewards cards
  • Enjoy credit convenience from the bank you trust
Click Here to learn more.

* Subject to credit review and approval.

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